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Ultra TEST Formula AM+PM  90+90 evolite

Ultra TEST Formula AM+PM 90+90cps

Ultra TEST Formula AM + PM natural anabolic formulated with two different blends, one to be taken during the day and the other before bed, contains extracts and other types of nutrients
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Ultra TEST Formula AM + PM 180cps Evolite, supplement made with two different anabolic, adaptogenic and slimming blends to be used in a deferred way during the day, as we will see further below.

Most of the compounds present in the product can be traced back to an improved presence of testosterone to support the results in the gym both in terms of strength and lean muscle mass.

It must be said, however, that in the AM formula there are also compounds that support caloric expenditure and a whole series of other effects that are however desirable in sports.

Ultra TEST Formula AM + PM: why defer the use

A careful user of supplements, regardless of the type of product, knows very well that specific nutrients can develop different effects depending on the time of intake and in any case some compounds must be taken at a given time to better exploit their potential and reduce to minimum possible side effects.

Having said that, let's try to better understand the properties of the nutrients that make up the two formulas, we will start with the AM formula, and therefore:

  • d-aspartic acid, tribulus terrestris, maca and nettle , an amino acid and two plant extracts commonly known for their properties to support the endocrine boost from testosterone;
  • resveratrol , another extract that inhibits the aromatizing action of the aromatase enzyme that transforms testosterone into estradiol with negative consequences for men;
  • forskolin , an extract that acts on the release of thyroid hormones, compounds that support the expenditure of calories and the health of the thyroid gland;
  • black cumin seed extract , has several properties including that of increasing testosterone concentrations in the blood;
  • rosehip , still a vegetable considered a false fruit due to its appearance, acts on physical resistance and as an antioxidant;
  • magnesium , mineral energy par excellence but also acts as a hormone modulator in synergy with other micronutrients such as zinc and vitamin B6;
  • black pepper , although it is a thermogenic, it is mostly used to catalyze the absorption of nutrients by the cells.

All the above ingredients make up the AM formula that must be taken in the morning, while the PM, to be taken in the evening before bed, here's what it contains considering only the ingredients that are not also present in the Am formula, and therefore:

  • fenugreek , mostly a testosterone optimizer, that is, a nutrient that regulates the ratio between free and bound testosterone;
  • saw palmetto , also known as serenoa repens, is an extract that reduces the conversion of testosterone into DHT, another anabolic hormone which, however, due to its powerful androgenic action, causes problems with health such as benign prostatic hyperplasia;
  • zinc citrate , a mineral that together with the pyridoxine and magnesium contained in the AM formula will form ZMA, a triad that modulates the presence of hormones in the blood, including testosterone;
  • pumpkin seeds , another nutrient used to decrease the conversion of testosterone to DHT;
  • pomegranate seeds , very rich in essential micronutrients connected with a myriad of metabolic functions including some related to the presence of anabolic hormones.

Effects of Ultra TEST Formula AM + PM on the body

When we talk about increasing endogenous testosterone, and this is what we are talking about, we can certainly mention three main effects:

  • incentive to synthesize new proteins in such a way to help the regeneration of muscle tissue leading to its growth;
  • increase in physical strength , a factor that will support the intensity of training and with it also the possibility of muscle growth;
  • incentive to lipolysis that is the degradation of fats for energy purposes, an effect that is experienced especially if your diet is low-calorie and hypoglucidic.

Finally, remember that a product like this, even if designed for sportsmen, can also be used by people who follow a sedentary lifestyle but who still want to help themselves from the point of view of health and above all, for men, of sexual vigor.

Short summary on Ultra TEST Formula AM + PM:

  • to be taken in the morning and evening before bed;
  • rich in plant extracts containing steroid saponins;
  • indicated as anabolic aid for mass;
  • also excellent as a sexual stamina.

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