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R3Build EDGE 450g bsn

R3Build EDGE 450g

R3Build EDGE post workout of the latest generation that helps you recover from a plastic and energetic point of view, ideal for increasing mass
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R3Build EDGE 450g by BSN is a post workout powder flavored in three different flavors, which will give you an edge in terms of speed of both plastic and energy recovery . This product is made with a blend of anabolic ergogenic and adaptogenic ingredients, to allow you to support protein synthesis, replenish glycogen and phosphate stores and eliminate the toxins that cause low muscle resistance.

Five grams of glutamine, four of branched chain amino acids, lactoferrins, adaptogens and nearly six grams of creatine from four different sources . This is the blend that BSN has created to speed up your recovery. Therefore, restoration of glycogen, protein synthesis, restocking of phosphate groups, and many other effects that we will later see one by one in relation to the ingredients that cause them.

R3Build EDGE: glutamine and Bcaa for muscle growth

Let's start with the four main ingredients, glutamine and branched, macronutrients which, in addition to giving direct support to protein synthesis, determine a whole series of other effects that are certainly desirable when the goal is hypertrophy, and therefore :

  • for glutamine, support for GH production, faster glycogen recovery, help eliminate toxins that accumulate with physical fatigue, prevention of overtraining and better immune defenses . In the latter regard, we also point out the presence of lactoferrins;
  • for Bcaa, higher testosterone production but also reduced cortisol, increased strength and endurance, decreased Doms effect and initiation of anabolic signaling such as mTorc.

As you can already see the two ingredients above will give you a hand in different mechanisms that ultimately we can certainly lead back to muscle growth, but we are only halfway through the characteristics of the product, in fact with 6g of creatine the post training in question will also give you:

  • a faster resynthesis of energy stocks both from the point of view of glycogen and of the phosphate groups necessary for the real-time synthesis of ATP;
  • satisfied the energy requirement the remaining part of creatine will volumize the muscles by hydration , facilitating the nutritional exchanges that take place in the cells in aqueous environments;
  • increase, in trained subjects, of the basal metabolism , so as to determine a greater caloric expenditure but above all a more efficient metabolism in all those reactions that lead to recovery and growth. 

How to use and synergies of R3Build EDGE

Take the 19g dose immediately after the workout with weights in order to start all the recovery processes and avoid catabolism. At this juncture a synergy is particularly interesting, namely that with Vitargo, a source of carbohydrates with a high GI and osmolarity that will determine an insulin peak necessary for the delivery of nutrients from the blood flow into the cells.

Without insulin intervention, the entry of compounds into cells would be considerably delayed, thus giving rise to the possibility of encountering proteolysis, but also to a sense of fatigue. It is also advisable, after taking the Vitargo product and carbohydrates, to continue sipping another low GI carbohydrate drink for about 30 minutes, in order to avoid the increase in appetite caused by the absence of glucose in the blood.

To conclude, remember to add to R3Build EDGE also a source of antioxidants such as vitamin C or Coenzyme Q10 , even better both. This will avoid oxidative stress from free radicals that are released in high quantities as a result of heavy physical activity.

R3Build EDGE post workout di nuova formulazione della bsn

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