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ZMB 60 cps BioTech

ZMB 60 cps

This supplement, based like all BioTech products on the quality of the ingredients and the synergy between them, is great for maintaining testosterone levels constant, without being slowed down by age, as well as to reduce fatigue and tiredness and better controlled hormonal activity.
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ZMB 60 cps is a dietary supplement formulated with Zinc, Magnesium and Vitamin B6. Thanks to the synergies between these three ingredients, the product offers multiple benefits to the body: in fact it helps to control hormonal activity, keeps testosterone at its normal levels, and helps reduce fatigue and tiredness.  

Why should you take ZMB 60 cps?

  • In its formulation there is Vitamin B6, which helps to improve the health of the immune system as well as the control of hormones.
  • It contains zinc which helps to maintain constant levels of testosterone within the blood, which with age tend instead to decrease, and also facilitates protein synthesis. Inside the supplement ZMB 60 cps is found in the form of zinc gluconate, which is the form of zinc most easily assimilated by our body.
  • The magnesium with which this supplement is formulated serves mainly to reduce fatigue and fatigue.

When to take ZMB 60 cps?

All three active ingredients present within this formulation, given their perfect synergy, are to be taken preferably away from meals, obviously on an empty stomach. It is therefore advisable to take ZMB 60 cps in the evening before going to sleep if you want to maximize the effectiveness of the product.

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