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Flav 'N' Oats 1000 gr Scitec Nutrition

Flav 'N' Oats 1000 gr

It is a protein flour and rich in fiber, lactose-free , perfect for preparing healthy, tasty and fast breakfast with minimal effort. Three flavors are available, as well as the version without flavors .
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Flav 'N' Oats 1000 gr is an instant protein flour, great for preparing breakfasts or snacks that are tasty and healthy at the same time. There are three great flavors, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, as well as the classic not flavored variant, to meet every need. These protein flours are an excellent source of fiber and protein, are free of added sugar and also do not contain lactose, and this makes them suitable for those who are lactose intolerant.

How to take Flav 'N' Oats 1000 gr?

Preparing porridge with flour Flav'N' Oats 1000 gr is very simple: just mix a portion( about 100 gr) with about two tens of liters of water, which can be both hot or cold, let it rest for a minute or two and breakfast will be ready.

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